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Mailing & Fulfillment

Presorted Mailing Services

Much of what is printed is intended to be mailed out to your customers and contacts, yet as your business grows the mailing effort quickly becomes costly and time consuming. At Unicorn Group, we can help you save time and reduce your postage expense by offering presorted mailing services.

Our staff is trained in US Postal Service’s regulations regarding mail-piece design and presorting. There are many issues that regulate how a mail-piece must be designed and printed in order to qualify for discounted postage. We understand those issues and can help you make the right choices.

At Unicorn Group, we offer the complete set of services to complete a direct mail campaign from concept right through post office delivery:

  1. Mail Piece Design & Printing – conforming to US Postal Service regulations

  2. Assembly – folding, inserting, sealing, tabbing, collating or hand assembly

  3. Address Printing – high speed address printing with zip+4 barcodes

  4. Post Office Preparations – sort, tray tags, bar codes, bags or straps

  5. Post Office Delivery – we transport your mailing to the post office along with all the necessary forms and paperwork to receive discounted postage rates.

Let us presort your mail and reduce your postage expense!