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Mailing List Rental

Our direct mail experts will consult with you to identify the ideal mailing list for your marketing goals. Choosing the correct list is critical to the success of your mailing because it can significantly impact your direct mail costs, response rate, and profitability.

We offer consumer and business lists for single or multi-use with wide variety of demographic and geographic selections. Our staff can simplify the overwhelming process of choosing the list best suited to your needs.

There are three main categories of lists that we will evaluate when planning your direct mail campaign:

  1. Saturation Lists - These low cost lists are best when want to reach every address in a specific geographical region. These lists can be processed in walk-sequence order which maximizes your postage savings.

  2. Compiled Lists - When your direct mail campaign requires a target audience selected on criteria such as home-ownership, household income, age, sex, or one of many additional demographic selection criteria compiled lists could be your best choice. These moderately priced lists will increase your response rate versus the lists selected on geography alone.

  3. Direct Response Lists - While these lists are often the most expensive to use, they are highly targeted to a specific audience. This targeting may dramatically increase the response to your direct mail campaign and maximize your profitability.

We will guide you through the process of picking the best list for your direct mail campaign.