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Mail List Data Processing

Today, more than ever before, data processing plays a major role in mailing efficiently and qualifying for the lowest postage rates. Our data pros can manage your mailing list, correct addresses, remove duplicates, and much more. When we optimize your mailing list, your direct mail is delivered faster, more accurately, plus the environment benefits by reducing the amount of undeliverable mail that ends up in our landfills.

  • Online Mail List Access - We can create a secure online connection to your mail list, enabling you and others to continually update your mailing list from any web-based computer.

  • Mail List Management - With our data processing tools, we can de-duplicate your list, combine it with other lists, and eliminate names contained on your do-not-mail lists. These steps will remove unwanted addresses from your list and improve the response rate of your mailing.

  • Address Correction - Your mailing list will be updated and CASS certified with the proper address format and zip+4 codes. We also use the Postal Service™ DPV® (Delivery Point Verfication)database and LACSLink systems to further improve the deliverability of your list.

  • NCOA - The new USPS Move Update regulations(Nov 2008)require that all presorted first-class and standard mailings use lists that are updated via the National Change of Address (NCOA) database. When required, we can quickly and cost-effectively process your list against the NCOA directory to ensure your direct mail pieces are delivered to the correct addresses.

  • Presorting for Lowest Postage - You can count on Unicorn Group to process your mailings for the lowest possible postage rates using our powerful mailing software.

Our data processing team can optimize your list to maximize postage savings.