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QR Codes Connect Print and Web Marketing

QR Code Example

Scanning this code will immediately launch your web content on the user's smartphone. You'll need to download a QR Code Reader.

QR codes are starting to show up everywhere - on direct mail, brochures, business cards, magazine advertisements and even on billboards. These "Quick Response" barcodes are a fabulous new way to connect consumers directly to your website. At the very moment someone sees your advertisement, the viewer can immediately snap a photo of the QR code with their smartphone and your online content streams right to them.

QR codes can be set up to link with any Web location allowing you show videos, access a coupon, complete a product purchase, or display any additional promotional information that you choose. Plus, your marketing pieces suddenly take on a modern look especially appealing to younger consumers. Today, many major brands are using these codes in their advertising including giant billboards near Times Square in New York City.

Often times you might wonder which one of your advertisements is actually generating larger responses. With QR codes you can track the response to your marketing tactics and learn which ones are most effective.

Unicorn Group understands this technology and is ready to help you add these QR Codes to your advertising and marketing campaigns.